Affiliate Program

Looking to make money from your motorcycle related blog, forum, or social media page? 

At Legend45, we have an aggressive affiliate program where we let in a limited amount of affiliates.

  • All our affiliates earn 20% on all sales

  • All affiliates receive a 30% discount on their own purchases

  • We pay a bonus to our top 3 affiliates every month

  • High conversion rate

  • 30-day cookies

  • Receive tips on how to maximize the impact of your affiliate marketing efforts.

  • Affiliates are part of the Legend45 Family. You can send us guest posts or videos to be featured on our blog, with links back to your site and social media for added exposure. (All posts must be approved by us before we post them)

Coming from an affiliate background ourselves, we feel this is the best and easiest option for most publishers since you'll have more freedom to make the advertising fit in with the overall look of your content. 

When you're successful at tapping into the buying power of your site's returning customer base, we all win. 

If you run a motorcycle focused forum, blog, or you're doing well on social media we want to hear from you!

Apply to join our affiliate program here